Environmental Monitoring


Stable conditions are vital to ensure reliable data centre operation and abnormal conditions or failing subsystems need to be alerted to staff immediately.

TSI’s Advanced Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS) is designed to monitor data centre environment and interface with critical subsystems such as UPS, Generators, air conditioning units, chillers, fire panels and alarm systems.

In addition to monitoring critical subsystems, the AIMS monitors critical environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, liquid presence, air-flow, smoke, motion and intrusion. When a sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold, the system alerts via beacon, sounder, email, network management (SNMP), voice dialer and SMS text messages.

The AIMS includes internal resilient dual power supplies for increased reliability and built-in battery backup, so even during a total power failure you can be kept informed of data centre conditions by voice dialer or SMS text modem.