Security & Access Control

The security of business critical data systems is paramount in data centres. TSI’s Data Centre designs analyse security requirements and implement solutions to mitigate security risks.

TSI are experts in the design and provision of CCTV video surveillance systems and we use the latest Ethernet powered intelligent IP camera solutions which offer megapixel resolution, local and server-based image storage, intelligent motion sensing, and telephoto to 360° fields of view.

TSI can also implement external access control systems including perimeter gates, security bollards and mantraps. Data Centre access can be controlled by key, card, or biometric (fingerprint or iris scan) locks.

Within the Data Centre, we can implement caged security areas and individually locking racks. Equipment racks can be secured by key or combination lock, or via electronic locking with optional remote control. Equipment racks can also be divided to offer from two to four separate secure areas within the single rack.

The entire access control system can be controlled through a software management application which logs access and controls permission levels.