Computational Fluid Dynamics

Data Centre CFD service - TSI
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is critical in the design and development of a new Data Centre and the optimisation of existing facilities.

As part of every Data Centre design TSI undertake, the use of CFD modeling is paramount to evaluate and test all our designs to demonstrate to the Client the solution works prior to any building works commencing . These CFD simulations allow us to ensure Rack temperatures are at optimum levels, airflows are being directed correctly and to enable the identification of any potential issues or hotspots.

Data Centre simulations

When designing a Data Centre with optimised Cooling it is imperative to demonstrate to a Client what impact the failure of an AC unit or Chiller would have on the Data Centre. With CFD we are able to switch off an AC unit and see what impact this has on air flow, temperature of the server racks and we can then position equipment to minimise this. This ensures the correct cooling is implemented and the most efficient set up installed.

CFD software is also useful for evaluating and assessing the performance of your existing Data Centre Facility. By simply undertaking a survey at the Client site we can create a model of the Data Centre and run simulations where we can then pinpoint any areas of inefficiency and recommend on how to make improvements.