Modular Data Centre Solutions

Modular Data Centre Construction

Modular Data Centre Solutions 

A TSI modular data centre is a high performance and cost effective solution built on site using pre-finished, maintenance free fireproof panels.

The modular data centre panels, which form the walls and ceiling are delivered to site ready for assembly and are designed to slide together to form a snug seal. This results in an energy efficient, secure and expandable solution which can be quickly constructed in areas where traditional builds would be prohibited.

Suitable for all data centre applications including housing of mission critical IT infrastructure as well as mechanical and electrical plant. A modular data centre can be sited externally on a concrete plinth, inside a warehouse – or even in the corner of an office.

The modular panels used for the walls and ceiling are constructed from steel-faced mineral fibre insulated panels that are designed and tested to provide fire resistance to BS476 part 22E for both insulation and structural integrity when exposed to fire. Fire ratings of up to 120 minutes are available.

Where physical security is paramount or there is a risk of forced attack or blasts, Securiclad composite panels may be used. These include additional concealed anti-cutting materials and have passed Loss Prevention Certificate Board testing achieving LPS 1175 Security Rating 4.

A modular data centre designed and built by TSI provides a cost-effective solution for securely housing your IT hardware.

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